She Sells Seashells Boutique was inspired by a summery getaway to beautiful Hawaii. Owner, Chloe Mackenzie, spent endless days in bikinis, adventuring to waterfalls and rainforests, frolicking in the waves and the moonlight, soaking up the sunshine, and collecting beautiful seashells. Longing to share this freedom with girls around the world, She Sells Seashells Boutique began!

Through She Sells Seashells Boutique, we bring the beauty and simplicity of soft and sexy bikinis to girls everywhere, empowering them to embrace their beauty and happiness, to live an outgoing, beachy lifestyle. For girls who like to get cheeky, have fun, and be themselves. For girls who long to gypsy, to have salt in their hair, and sand between their toes, we give you She Sells Seashells Boutique xx